Hand of Miriam by Eva Gordon 4?

Hand of Miriam
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Four stars for Hand of Miriam by Eva Gordon
This book was given to me for reviewing.
Category: paranormal/fantasy/historical romance.

Bayla is a young Jewish woman living in the 18th century. After becoming a widow she discovers that she has supernatural powers. They are powers that makes her a target for many supernatural creatures show don’t like that she can see them and read their thoughts. As protections she summons a golem.
Gesher is a fallen angel, who has been turned into a golem as punishment by good law. Gesher promises to protect her from harm and also vows to ear his wings back.
Together they must fight evil curses, vampires, demons and shifters, in a quest to find their purpose in life. Together they also find love, but Gesher must choose between returning to heaven or stay with Bayla forever.

This book will appeal to both fans of historical romance and paranormal. The writing style follows classic historical romance, but it becomes more interesting with the added paranormal creatures. It’s a story where no one if who and what they seem and has several horror elements. In general an entertaining read.

Grey Ronin by Matthew S. Cox 5?

Gray Ronin by Matthew S. Cox 5?

Grey ronin
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First I want to say that I got this book for free, to review by the Author. It’s the first book of his that I have ever read. This is also the third book in the series, but can be read as a standalone book as I have done.

What would have happened if Japan’s feudal era never stopped?
Japan’s feudal era took place from 1185 to 1600 but was most prominent from 1400-1600 AD. It’s also called the warring states era. In this book the era never stopped, but became the future of Japan. Here the Shoguns are presidents of major corporations and have divided Japan into sections under their control. They use Samurais and Ninjas to defend and spy on each other and are constantly fighting, spying and stealing. In this book you follow Mamoru who is a samurai for the Tokyo Shogun. Things happen in his world of order, that makes him reconsider his view on life and his purpose in it. He is a new type of samurai, who fights with technology as much as with a sword. Like Neo in the Matrix he has to decide if he wants to go back to the life he knows or step into the unknown and fight.

The book start out at full speed with an elaborate virtual battle scene. You watch as a samurai assassin (Mamoru) fights in a match where the real and the virtual blend in a dance to the death. After he finishes the assassination, one of his supervisors shows up at his house and the following scene takes place:

Quote chapter three:
“The way she looked at him made him uncomfortable, as if he were a bit of sashimi she debated consuming. No one else in the service of Matsushita could equal him, inside or outside the GlobeNet. A serious frown curled his lip. This woman would have him as a personal guard, wiling away each day inside an office attending to her every need. He thought of Nami and Ayame, of the blinking red light, and adjusted the collar of his haori jacket.”

One of the things that has stood out to me are all the many details in dialogue and descriptions. It’s a book to read slowly over time, so you are able to take in all the details. It’s a clever marriage of Science fiction and suspense. It made me want to read the previous books in the series.
Anime lovers of Ghost in the shell and Psycho Pass will love this book, since the worlds are very similar.
Though the book has some mature content I would still recommend it for young adults who will love the action, world and movie like writing style.

Four stars for Wordless by May Sage

Four stars for May Sage Wordless.

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I got this book for free to review it. It’s also the first book I have ever read from this Author. My first thought after finishing it ? When do I get to read the next one? I simply loved it. My only regret was that it ends with a cliffhanger and that why it only get four stars. Still I really, really want to read the next book in the series and plan on buying it when I get the chance.

Fay is a young woman who has lived almost all of her life as a slave to a vampire master. One day after a meeting with another vampire she is whisked away to start a life of freedom. Now Fay must learn to live again, to live, love, trust and adapt into a world she never knew existed. A world full of secrets, violence, betrayal and war, but also love, laughter and friendship.

Target audience:
The book that will appeal to adults and young adults a like.
Note that it does have some mature content appropriate for the 18+ readers
Readers who love true blood will also love this book.

Genre: paranormal romance, Horror

#romance #paranormal #vampires

Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert 5?

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Terry Maggert Halfway Hunted (Halfway series #3) 5 stars.
Carly’s story continues here in book three. After loosing her boyfriend Carly is feeling sad and depressed. She goes through every day wondering what can be done to save him. One day a strange man shows up in the town library. He is wearing vintage clothing and acts confused. It turns out the man Exit has been sleeping for 100 years. Carly, her family and friends set out to help Exit and find out why, how and who put a spell on him. At the same time Carly struggle with her dual nature as a white witch and a woman in love as she searches for a way to bring her love back.
This is the third installment in the Halfway series. Each book can be read as a standalone but they are best read in order. The series follows young witch Carly, her friends and family, and their adventures around the small town of Halfway. Carly and her family has been protectors of the area for centuries. They protect the land and people from evil supernatural beings, and keep the law in place for the super naturals living there.
The books are witty like a cozy mystery, full of heart and love, but they also has plenty of action and mystery. In all three books the ending has been a surprise to me, and I love that. The story line and style will appeal to young adults and mature adults a like.

Halfway Bitten by Terry Maggert 5?

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5 stars for Halfway Bitten.
Terry Maggert continues his Halfway series in Halfway Bitten.
The story picks up a short time after where Halfway Dead ends. In the same way as the first book, it all starts with the witch Carly receiving a letter. This one brings news of horror to come.
Together with her halfvampire Viking boyfriend, and her witch gran mother she sets out to find out who has murdered a local man and a mysterious young woman. The quest brings them to a magical circus, with clowns, acrobats and vampires. To bring the murderer to justice Carly must make new allies and bring forth more magic than ever before.

Alpha Marked Box set by Celia Kyle 5?

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Alpha marked. Box set of books 1-6
5 stars for Celia Kyle’s Alpha marked series. So funny that I LMAO.
The book set starts with three stories featuring the Wickham twins Scarlet, Gabriella and Whitney. The triplets don’t want to go the the Werewolf gathering, then they receive their summons on their 30th birthday. Scarlet and Gabi understand why they got theirs because they were born with a mark that identifies them as mates for an alpha werewolf pair. Whitney don’t have a mark, so she should not have received the summon at all, the sisters are angry but go to the gathering of alphas since the letters promise punishments if they don’t.
The stories are hot, hot hot, but also funny and interesting with lots of action. You really feel like you get to know the people in the stories, and did I mention funny?
It has been a long time since I have laughed as much as I have reading this book set. Here are two quotes to show you why.

Quote from Whitney’s story :
“Come on, you can tell me why you’re all homicidal and suicidal. ’Cause even if you try to kill Callum, he’ll end up eating you in a bad way. Then Madden would have to kill him, and it’d all be a big mess. I don’t do cleaning.”

“HFICs.” “What?” “The Head Furballs in Charge.” Scarlet gave her a wink and an unrepentant grin. “Now, go kick some ass.”

I thought the book set would finish with Whitney’s story because it was a logical end after all three sisters find their mates. Seeing that the series continues with the stories of Rebecca, Lorelei and Paisley was a real treat. The story picks up a year after what happened at the last gathering. The three sisters Rebecca, Loreley and Paisley are transported to the gathering against their wishes.

Rebecca can’t believe that werewolves are real and that she is destined to mate with two of them. It’s all scary and confusing. One minute she is on a date (okay a bad date), and the next she find herself in a strange hotel with people turning into werewolves. Thank god her cousins ( the Wickham triplets) are here to set her strait. Now she just has to find a way to deal with alpha pair Aidan and Carson, her family and all the problems that follows. Aidan and Carson has their own problems to add to the mix, and to top it off they have to deal with jealousy, guns and a lunatic.

Loreley is up next. After being picked up by what looked like a tornado, from her gun range, and dropped on the roof of a hotel, Loreley is angry. In fact she isn’t just angry, she is scared, hungry, frustrated and possibly having a psychotic brake down. At least that’s how it looks to her. She is seeing people change into wolfs, and since wolfs don’t exist she has to be hallucinating. Follow Loreleys journey into love and magic in this thrilling tale.

Last book is about Paisley the youngest sister. Like her sisters she is surprised in getting the summons to the gathering. Paisley are really sick and tired of getting kidnapped. First she is whisked of to a strange hotel, where people chance into wolfs, then some of said wolfs kidnap her again and take her to a really dirty hotel. She is scared, dirty and for some reason glows like a nightlight. Adding to the mix the two hot men she meets and she is in full crazy town. Will Paisley find her Happy ever after? Read and find out.

I just loved this box set of books. It has all the elements to keep me glued onto the pages. Humor, strong not guys, strong funny sassy women, action and a good story. I clear 5++ star book in my opinion.

Sunstones Fire by Lia Davis 4?

Sunstones Fire, book #1 in the Cursed in Stone Saga. Written by Lia Davis 4 stars
Sunstones Fire is a short and fast read of only 121 pages.
On a rainy and stormy evening, Nate crashes his car in front of a bed and breakfast Inn. The owner, earth Witch Hayley, invites him in to ride out the storm and get his car fixed.
At the same time an Old Gargoyle named Con wakes up to a voice telling him to get the stone. Which stone he does not know.
It turns out both Hayley and Con are cursed and it’s up to them all to brake the curse.

I really liked the story and the only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is the length. I would have liked the story to be a little longer, so you get a better chance at getting to know the characters. Otherwise it was a cozy, fun quick read that is perfect for a rainy day in front of a fire.

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The Chronicals of Moxie by Z.B. Heller 5?

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The Chronicals of moxie by Z.B Heller 5 stars
Five stars for the Chronicals of moxie by Z. B. Heller
The book is:
– 277 pages and takes about four hours to read.
– Number 1 out of 2 books in a series, but can be read as a standard alone

Moxie is a curvy twenty something single woman working as a kindergarten teacher. One night when out drinking with a friend, she meets A hot buy names Miles. Later that night she ends up throwing up on his shoes. A few days later she finds out he is the father of one of her students.

This is the beginning of a hilarious romantic comedy. It’s a story that makes you laugh, cry and curl your toes for more reasons than one. It reminds me of some of the earlier books by Katie McAlister, the movie train wrack and sex in the city.
I love following the slow build of love between the main characters, and the depth to which you get to know them. This balances of perfectly with the more steamy parts of the book.

The book is for audiences 18+ years do to mature content. #contemporaryromance #erotic #comedy

Dust of my wings by Carrie Ann Ryan 5?

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Five stars for Dust of my wings by Carrie Ann Ryan
This is the first book by Carrie Ann Ryan I have read and I loved it. The book details a universe close to ours but not completely. In this world everybody had supernaturals in their ancestry, so when seven women is hit my lightning the start to chance into supernatural beings.
The first one to chance is Lily. Lily is a nerdy lab tech who is a little OCD about things I her life. One day her boss gives her a vile of blue dust and ask her to analyze it. That turns out to be hard. In comes Jamie a warrior angel who’s dust is what she is trying to analyze. Jamie needs his dust back so the world of supernaturals won’t get exposed.
The book is a funny, has a lot of action and an interesting plot. It both made me laugh and cry. Lily is a strong and funny woman, Jamie is hot, handsome, smart and caring. What more can you ask for in a book