5?For Mechanical Hearts

Mechanical hearts
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5 ? for Mechanical Hearts by Nicole Blanchard

Categories: Fantasy, Romance, Romantic Suspence, steampunk romance, Scifi Romance

Audience: story is PG13, Teens with interest in Cossplay, Steampunk and Anime will like the story, Adults will also love this romantic story

The book was given to me for an honest review.

After running away from her abusive Aunt, Caroline end up sleeping on her fathers old boat. She wakes up in water from the boat sinking. When she reaches the surface, she encounters a world that looks nothing like the world she left. She is rescued by Ezra, a handsome captain of a submarine and taken to a mysterious underwater city. Together with Ezra she will fight pirates, assassins and monsters. She will encounter love and betrayal. All in the quest to go home.

The book is part of the Skeleton Key series, but can be read as a standalone like I did.
This is a very well written steampunk story with a clever twist. I quickly fell in love with the heroin, who is strong, smart and resilient. The story is full of twists and turns that kept me glued to the book until I was done. It’s a real page turner with lots of action and excitement. It was no cliffhangers either. I would warmly recommend this book.

5 ? For Uncharted by Anna Hackett

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5? For Uncharted by Anna Hackett
This book was given to me as a gift.

Categories: Romantic Suspense with erotic elements.

Audience: 18+


Main characters:
Callum Ward “Cal” is part owner of Treasure Hunters Security. Callum is an ex Navy Seal who now works in security with his brother and sister. Battling bad combat memories, he is an adrenalin junky who loves extreme sports. Just like he loves fast sports, he also loves fast women.

Daniela Navarro is a famous photographer. Her photos sell for 10k or more. She especially loves shooting temples and people. She loves taking any kind of photographs but never wants to be put in front of the camera. Daniela “Dani” are often lonely especially since she isn’t close to her family. She is scared of having a relationship since she grew up around parents who cheated on each other.

Cal and Dani meat after Cal is asked to handle security for an expedition to Cambodia that Dani has been asked to photograph. Their two personalities clash as bullets fly, and they battle theirs, jungle and rain storms.

This book #2 in a series but can be read as a standard alone like I did. This is a fast paced read and a page turner. I could not put it down once I got started. It’s an exiting story with lots of action sprinkler with hot moments between the characters. I loved how I got to know the characters and how they developed. The story line was smooth and burnt into my mind like whisky. It’s the kind of book you want to read on a dark night in front of a fire with a glass of wine. I loved it and would warmly recommend it to others.

4? For the Color of us by Laura Ward and Christine Manzari

4 ? The color of us by Laura Ward and Christine Manzari

Category: Young adult, Post Highschool Drama, Romance, Contemporary Romance, new adult, 18+

I was given this book in exchange for a honest review.

Two months ago, 18 year old Alexis lost her sister. After grieving for weeks Alexis mother pushes her to attend a drivers education class. In class she meets bad boy Liam, who is taking the class after having a driving violation. The two teens are instantly attracted to one another. Liam feels Alexis grief and just wants her to feel better. This is a new feeling for him, since he usually only are interested in girls for sex. Liam is also busy earning money to take care of himself and his mother.
Will Alexa and Liam overcome their differences? Will they realize that they are in love? Will they be able to handle the differences in their social status? Read the book and find out.

This is a sweet coming of age book, about two teens from opposite social status groups, who meet and fall in love. I loved how sweet they were and how they developed over the cause of the story. I cried with Alexis in her grief and laughed of Liam’s jokes. It’s a very emotional story too. It was interesting to follow the two teens as they worked their way through their problems. I liked how their relationship evolves over years as they grow into young adults. It’s a book that will both make you laugh and cry.
I would warmly recommend reading this book.

4? For How He really feels

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4 ? for How he really feels (he feels trilogy #1) by Lisa Suzanne

Categories: Romantic comedy, Contemporary Romance

Audience: New Adults, Mature Adults, Contemporary Romance

Julianne works in a marketing company. When she gets a new boss she is chocked over how attractive he is. Nick is smart, rich and on the fast track in any company. He is instantly attracted to Julianne. Both fight their attraction especially since dating a coworker are grounds for being fired. After a long time they still start dating but tries to keep it a secret. Will they be able to stay together?

It’s a sweet story about juggling work and a relationship in a modern day fast paced society. It’s a well written story about the conflicts such a relationship brings, with hot scenes sprinkled in. The story has a fine character development.

5? For Hook and Ladder 69 by multiple authors

Hook and ladder
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5 ? for Hook and Ladder 69 by multiple Authors

This book was made as a charity project. All  proceeds go to help children who has suffered burns from fires.

Authors: Emme Burton M.C. Cerny Sarah M. Cradit Michelle Dare Jami Denise L.B. Dunbar Lisa Edward Lia Fairchild Mary Catherine Gebhard Z.B. Heller Glenna Maynard Kristen Hope Mazzola Morgan Jane Mitchell Emerson Shaw Kacey Shea M. Stratton Madison Street Felicia Tatum

Categories: short story collection, Romance, Contemporary, mature content,

This books was give to me for a honest review.

Come and meet the fire fighters of station 69, in this collection of short stories. This is a great collection with everything from sweet romance to erotic romance. All sprinkles with sweat, smoke and fire.

Conclusion: The stories all centers around the same group of firefighters on station 69. This book really works, it often seems like it’s the same author who has written all stories, because it in a way reads as a full novel. You will love this book if you are into romance and hot heroes fighting fires.

4 ? for Worthless (Age of blood #2) by May Sage

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4 ? for Worthless (Age of blood #2) by May Sage
I received this book in return for a honest review.

Categories: Romance, Erotica, Romantic Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, horror, Fantasy.

Audience: Mature 18+

This is book two in the Age of Blood series and continues where Wordless left off. In this book we follow Williams younger Brother who is the King of Vampires. While visiting with his brother, Michael meets Cecilia who is a former sex slave of a rouge vampire. They are instantly attracted to each other and Michael set out to help Cecilia overcome the trauma she has experienced. Will Cecilia learn to trust again? Will Cecelia and Michael overcome their pasts and find love? Rad the story and find out.

I really liked this book. It’s a good hot read for vampire lovers. It has hints of horror and a nice storyline. I wish the book was longer, so you get to know more about what happened to the characters. Not just in this story but also the characters from the last story. I still feel like that story didn’t get completely finished. Maybe a book later about how things go for William and his fiancé. Still I loved the story and are looking forward to the next one.

5 ? For Under her skin by Margo Bond Collins

Under her skin
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5 ? for Under her skin by Margo Bond Collins
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Lindi Parker always thought she was the only shifter in the world. As a child she was adopted by human parents, who thought her to hide her second nature. She enjoys her life as a child counselor for an organization specializing in helping abused children. Everything chances when she gets a new case where she is exposed as the snake shifter she is. In order to save herself and the children she works to protect, she teams up with handsome Dr. Kade Nevala. The attraction between her and the doctor is instant. The doctor is a shifter himself and through him she finds a whole new world she didn’t know existed and learns to embrace her shifter part. Now in order to save herself and the children she has to dig deep and find more courage than ever before. Will she find love in the process? Read to find out.

Categories: Romance, Romantic Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Erotica

Audience: 18+ Mature

Thoughts and conclusions:
First and foremost, I loved the book. In fact I read it right through in one sitting. I simply could not set it down. It has action, thrill and sexy scenes. It made me laugh and my heart race. This is a very good book.
The story line was smooth and well defined. I could relate to the characters and the way they developed over the cause of the book. I especially loved how much the two main characters grow mentally and become stronger through hardship. I fell in love with Lindi and are looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

5? For Ink Enduring

Ink enduring
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5? for Ink Enduring by Carrie Ann Ryan
This book was given to me as a gift to review.

Border, old friend and lover to Jake, working as a bodyguard.
Maya old friend of Jakes and a tattoo artist.
Jake artist who works with clay and stone.

Category: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Ménage, MMF

Jake has been in love with Maya for years, but the timing has never been right. Now that they are finally both free, he is scared of acting on his feelings. In comes Border, and old friend and lover. Many years ago Border left Jake even though they both loved each other. Now he is back and wants Jake back too. Who will Jake choose? And can he really get so lucky that he can have them both? Read the book and find out.

This is a serious smooth story. I really love how the characters are portrait and how they develop. It’s also awesome to have a heroin who is strong and smart. Maya has a lot of sass and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. I really fell in love with the characters as I followed their struggle. This is a book where I both laughed and cried as the characters fought to find their way forward. The book also contains hot erotic scenes like a cherry on top of whipped cream.

Target audience: 18+

4? For Until Now by Laura Ward

Until Now
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Four stars for Until now by Laura Ward
This book are the second book in the Not yet series. It’s the first book I have read in the series and it was given to me for reviewing.

Synopsis: the books is about Grace and Dean, two young college students. Grace is a dedicated student majoring in business, she is a little nerdy and pays for classes by working in a diner as a waitress. Grace is also a single Mother of a young buy named Fin. Dean is a foot ball player in college paid for by his parents. His life is sports and parties. When Damian meet Grace in the diner he instantly feels attracted to her, but Grace turns him down. Grace has been burned before and wants to concentrate on her studies and not boys. Dean is very insistent, but Grace just doesn’t have the time or energy to pay any attention to him. As they start to date problems arise to keep them apart. They both have many choices to make about their future and their relationship. Will they be able to stay together during pressure or will they split up? Does Grace even dare open her heart again? Read the book and find out.

Category: Coming of age, young adult, Romance, New Adult, Contemperary romance, college romance.

this is a sweet coming of age story with added steamy content. It will appeal to the younger crowd 18+
Target audience: New Adult, Young adults and Adults.

4 ? For Prime Minister

Prime minister
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Four ? for Prime Minister by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller

Categories: romance, contemporary romance, erotica

Audience: Mature 18+

Ellie is a 25 years old graduate student with a Masters in Women’s studies. Over the summer she gets a three months internship with the prime minister of Canada. It turns out she is very good at her job.
Gavin is a young prime minister at only 39 years old. After being involved in politics for years it comes as a surprise for Gavin when he ends up as prime minister of Canada.
When Ellie and Gavin meet sparks fly, and even though they both resists, they end up falling in love. Will Ellie and Gavin’s relationship survive politics, scandals and threads? Read the book to find out.

Conclusions : Oh my!!! This is probably one of the best erotic novels I have ever read. The storyline is elaborate and detailed. You really get to know the characters and how they became who they are. You get a flu on the complications there is in dating a public person. So this book isn’t just an erotica. It’s a story about two people falling in love. So yes I really, really loved it.