A tough Girl with a Dragon Familiar

Descended from dragons
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5 plus stars for Descended from dragons by Tricia Owens
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Moonlight Dragon (book one)
Audience: Adults, NA and especially Fans of Patricia Brigs
Narrator: Elizabeth Philips
The book was given to me for an honest review

Anne Moody runs a cursed pawnshop in the occult underbelly of Las Vegas. Here she caters to the desperate, the curious and the magical. It’s a tricky job, but it helps hide the fact that she is a dragon sorceress. One day a customer comes in and sells her a statue of a gargoyle, only it turns out that it’s really a possessed gargoyle shifter named Vale. At the same time she also learns that the person responsible for cursing him, wants to take over Las Vegas. Can miss Moody save Vegas? Read it to find out.

Elizabeth Phillips did an outstanding job at narrating the story. She really made it come to life, with different voices adding to the suspense and depth of the story.

This was a brilliant spun story. I simply loved it from start to end. I especially loved all the funny side characters like Melanie the Monkey shifter. The books made me want to shout girl power out loud. Honestly there can’t me many things more cool than a girl with a dragon familiar. The book has lots of action, funny episodes and drama. It’s also non-predictable (is that even a word), anyway I loved how I could never be sure what would happen on the next page. So a good well spun story that made me long for cocktails, blackjack, dragons and hot shifter males. I would warmly recommend this story.