My review Rating system (what to expect)

Rating system
As you can see I use a 1-5+? Rating system. Here you will find information of what to expect under each category and what things I deduct stars for. I generally try to be fair in my rating and understand that I lot of work goes into writing a book.

The Book has to be perfect in every way. The quality has to be at level with National Best sellers. To qualify the following has to be there.

A. Story line is smooth and makes sense throughout the the story. In other words, it has a red thread all the way through. Erotic stories still has to have a story line. Books that is just porn/sex with no storyline gets max. 2?
B. The characters are well defined and developed. You really get to know the characters as the story develops.
C. The scene is set and has good descriptions
D. Only minor errors in spelling and grammar
E. The story has an ending, that means NO major cliffhangers.
F. The language fits the story and time period.
G. It’s a catching story, a page turner
H. The books reads well on more than one platform.

5 ?
The books is awesome and makes me want to read more, but not at National Best seller level. All of the points A-H is clicked off with only minor errors or improvements.

4 ? I love the book and think it’s awesome but it’s missing a few of the elements made in point A-H I would still recommend it to friends and family.

3 ? The book was okay, but it was missing several of the elements in points A-H. For some it just means that it needs to go through editing another time.

2 ? I Didn’t like the book, it was missing many of the points A-H but still has the potential to be a good book. The books needs a lot more work. Better luck next time.

1 ? Hated the book. Felt like I was editing and not reviewing, misses most or all of points A-H. Needs a lot more work. I probably won’t read this author again.

I hope this helps you understand the background for my ratings.

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